POS software for supermarkets and retail chains Organizational improvement, increase of sales, staff control and inventory management in real time for supermarkets and retail stores.
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pos system  POS software for supermarkets and retail chains

General POS software features Some essential features that all POS software must have. Does yours does?

Powerful and advanced POS but still easy to use

Thanks to the 15 years of experience in over 20 countries, the YAKUMA POS software is one of the most advanced POS systems but being same time affordable (economic) and really easy to use, both in touch and traditional environments. Any POS software must be easy to use than a register and make your live easier

e-mail and SMS alerts

With the YAKUMA POS software systems it would not be longer necessary to be physically in your store to know what is going on: ¿not enough small change? ¿overflow of money? ¿poor sales? ¿some staff arrived late to the store? ¿register closing control?

Ready for online stores: eCommerce

Open our doors to Internet it is really essential, but this requires dedication and effort that usually do not have. Also we can not neglect our store. YAKUMA makes it easy: managing your actual store will while managing the virtual

CEO, CFO control panel

The YAKUMA POS software allows real time business KPI monitoring: sales and inventory by store location, store group, geographic region, in a single web control screen. Take decisions immediately

Customer loyalty

Loyalty to a client does not mean 'give a card and earn points' means service excellence and offer better products according to your preferences. Collect points no customer loyalty. The POS software for YAKUMA stores will let you do easily

Gift and prepayment cards

Gift cards are a great way for our customers to return to visit and at the same time, they become our business when you do not know what to give. Also the restaurants and cafes can offer gift cards to businesses to distribute them to their employees to pay their consumption

Automatic inventory and product replacement

Record purchases and suppliers and do not have to do anything else. From that moment, the stock will be registered automatically. Did you also manages fresh / Daily stock? No problem, there is a screen dedicated to that purpose to enter the stock of the day is less than 5 minutes

Control of expenses, composed products and offers

It is important to sell as much as possible but also to control expenses and the cost of our products. It is possible to create your own composites controlling every element/ingredient (depends on POS sector) knowing the actual margin of each product sold. Build your own discounts knowing that you are still making money selling the products, not only applying a blind discount

Green software: electronic invoicing to do not waste power nor paper

Avoid excessive consumption of thermal paper and send your tickets and invoices to your customers by email. Reduce the power consumption of your POS system with the integrated energy saving provided by the POS software of YAKUMA

System requirements

- Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and POS Ready
- Pentium V or higher
- RAM 512Mb (recommended 1Gb)
- 150Mb of hard disk space for full installation
- VGA 256 colors o higher graphics card
- Pointing device (mouse) or touch screen

- Easy installation and deployment over a network
- Automatic and centralized updates

Dessigned for touch screen

Any of the visual components displayed in the YAKUMA POS software are Windows native. All of them have been designed by YAKUMA to ensure their operability in a touch screen. Even YAKUMA POS Manager screens can be operated using a touch screen without keyboard or mouse

Peripherals supported

- Scales: SOEHNLE, DINA, CAMPESA, MOBBA, DIBAL, BIZERBA and DataProcess Europe
- Pole display: EPSON compatible, IBM, POSIC, BPM, ELO, DSP, OPOS compatible
- Drawers / tills: All (OPOS compatible, USB, Serial, Parallel)
- Printers: All (Serial, USB, Parallel, Net)
- Proximity keys: All
- Biometry: Hamster
- POS surveillance: POSSControl
- Barcode readers: All. Keyboard compatible
- Inventory readers: All with text file (ASCII) export
- Magnetic Strip readers: All. Keyboard compatible
- Credit card processing: SAGE, PCCHarge, SITEF, amongst others

SQL Database

Since the first version, launched in 1999, the POS software of YAKUMA uses a Relational Database (RDBMS) for both the POS module (sales) and for the management (backoffice).          However, transactions initiated in the POS are stored separately to the main database, allowing a high tolerance in front of network outages, electricity and communications unprecedented. The POS software uses mechanisms YAKUMA double file copy and verification of data without using disk cache to ensure that in the unlikely event of system crash, the current sale will continue at the point where you left it

Technological robustness

The YAKUMA POS software has been designed using the highest standards of design and patterns in the software engineering field, giving to the software a technological robustness not usual in the POS software market


The POS software uses a YAKUMA own communications system for sending and receiving information between different POS and central management.          This allows complete independence from external systems and softwares. For the POS software is indistinct sending information through a POS network connection          RTC connection (modem), DSL, VPN and even manually copying data to a "pen-drive " if necessary.          You should only define how the POS is connected to the manager and the YAKUMA POS software will do the rest behind scenes

Fault tolerant

YAKUMA POS software is designed to operate over a network and also using permanent communication with a central HQ to transmit sales, inventory and customer data in real time.          However, the system works with its own local database, and connects to the central management or to another POS when it is really required. Therefore, a possible fall of any communications system would not disrupt the work with the POS. Moreover, despite of working with a SQL relational database, the POS software of YAKUMA back up, in the background, the database to allow self-healing in the event that a serious failure in the computer disk occurs. If so, the YAKUMA POS software works even in the most extreme situations

Expandable and customizable to your needs

Want to customize the software to adapt it for your needs? No problem. In YAKUMA we're used to softwareming "custom" needs inside our products.          Despite being a standard software, that represents a high level of stability and robustness, the POS software of YAKUMA can accommodate your specific needs easily.          If you are a developer or you have the ability to hire someone who can software for you, you can even expand the capabilities of YAKUMA POS software without altering the software (creating DLLs specifically designed, you can add new functions without the intervention of YAKUMA)

Interfaced with BI, ERP, CRM

In YAKUMA we think that "shoes should be done by shoemakers". So we do not try to know a bit of everything, but we focus our efforts on trying to be the best POS software developers.          If your company needs to link our POS management software with a tailored ERP, or a market standard ERP such as Navision (R) / Microsoft Nav (R), SAP (R), LAWSON (R), etc. The POS software of YAKUMA is ready to exchange data without altering the software core.          Furthermore, YAKUMA POS Manager, the POS Management software, is ready to receive data from an external ERP in a fully automated way.          Tell us which is your ERP software and will link to suit your needs, or your own IT team can do it in your regular softwareming language (Delphi, C ++, VBasic or C#)

Ready for heterogeneous environments

Do you need to send and receive data from scales? Do you still have electronic cash registers (ECR) that you do not want to change?          The POS software of YAKUMA can "talk" with any computer or peripheral that allows a "PC connection".          The communication system integrated into the POS software is based on YAKUMA custom external libraries, specifically designed for communicating with different devices.          Therefore different registers and intelligent scales are currently supported.          If you have any equipment that you need to manage from a centralized point, and even to software its internal items, price lists, etc. more efficiently, you only need to create a new DLL that dialogue with it

CEO, CFO control panel

The YAKUMA POS software allows real time business KPI monitoring: sales and inventory by store location, store group, geographic region, in a single web control screen. Take decisions immediately

CTO, CIO, IT Manager control panel

Shows the status of each POS in real time. No need to use third party software to connect remotely, send instant messages to their stores, turn off or reboot remote equipment and more

Multiple sectors with a centralized management

If your business consists of different types of establishments/sectors, the YAKUMA the POS software is your best choice available in the market.          The YAKUMA POS software allows you to integrate into a single central database all products needed by all your establishments.          No matter if you have 3 restaurants, 2 pizzerias, 4 fashion shops and even a hairdresser. You can manage all your business from a single point / Manager and consolidate all your business sale information.          Do you have several establishments in the same sector, but with different prices or promotions? The POS YAKUMA software is also your solution.          From inside the YAKUMA POS software you can easily manage as much price lists as you want and assign them to each facility separately.          Are some products not the same in all stores? Anyone in particular it is sold at a shop but not in another one? With the POS software form YAKUMA you can define which products          display in each facility

Consolidates information by store, group of stores, country, region

The area / country or retail manager will be the one that will decide how to view and analyze sales information, customers, replenishment, inventory, etc. The POS software allows YAKUMA defining groups of heterogeneous store. Want to display only the sales 'outlet'? Just the sales of a particular region? To cross both data? No problem, the YAKUMA POS system does that and much more without resorting to BI

Advanced payment systems

The payment methods are dynamically loaded into the POS software using external libraries (DLL). Thus, to support a new dataphone, Bitcoin currency or other payment methods not provided for in the beginning, only require a new DLL without altering the core software

Tax systems, currencies and languages

The POS YAKUMA software supports 7 languages, user definable, taxation USA, CANADA (PST, GST, HST), ITALY and GREECE (fiscal printers), SPAIN, and many other European countries natively. On the other hand it allows the use of any currency and displays the consolidated central management information selected currency using current exchange rates or currency of origin

Advanced staff control and punch management

The YAKUMA POS system includes the staff time control natively. It is not necessary to purchase any additional peripherals for the POS machine to become a punch controll. Do you have staff traveling between stores? The POS YAKUMA mobility software allows employees permanently or just temporary as reinforcement to cover down one morning. Store personnel can perform the operation

Complex promotions and offers support

The logics of any offer or promotion are stored and executed externally to the POS, as they are done using external libraries (DLL). Thus, the YAKUMA POS software can process offers that are not the usual 3x2, 2x1 or 2+1 but also allowing complex logics such as "for sales in excess of $ 20 section supplements activate 10% discount in the perfumery " or similar. The whole logic of the promotion or offer is developed/defined outside the core of the software and is associated with all the shops or with a group of them, activated by date range, time and too much more rules.

Real time stock alerts

OOS Store may occur because of several reasons, but two of them can be avoided: the improper management/planning and the product replacement that it is really in the local store warehouse but not exposed to the public. In both cases, the YAKUMA POS system warns the user about such situations

Real time production needs alerts

The system alerts the user when it the store is closer to run out of products, based on various configurable parameters: time, product type, day of week, etc. Face to suggest to proceed with the preparation / baking more product (depends on sector)

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